The activities of the Italian Lynx Project:

Four main activities are needed as a base for a sound management of the lynx in Italy:


- Monitoring: we collect and evaluate all signs of lynx presence in order to know
 the status and distribution of the species in Italy as well as its population trend. 

- Research: so far no lynx research project was carried out in Italy, as this implies
 the method of radio-telemetry. But only radio-telemetry allows us to study lynx
 ecology (natality, mortality, dispersal, food habits).

- Information: the knowledge gained by monitoring and research are regularly 
made available to anybody interested by means of scientific publications, 
reports and speeches. 

- Consultative activities: the Italian Lynx Project makes its expertise available
 to GOs and NGOs to resolve problems that may be caused by the return 
of the lynx or the increas in present numbers (e.g. management of lynx and
 prey species, evaluation of damage caused by lynx predation on livestock).


copyright : Progetto Lince Italia
author: Paolo Molinari